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NCAE Ag Employer Labor Forum Press Release

2018 Ag Employer Labor Forum – Registration Open Now!

2018 Ag Employer Labor Forum

November 28 – November 30, 2018

Tropicana – Las Vegas, NV

3801 S Las Vegas Boulevard


Registration for NCAE’s 5th Annual Ag Labor Forum is open and the Annotated Tentative Agenda is available. It looks to be blockbuster this year!  Experts from across the country on agricultural labor are set to share their knowledge and insights at this exciting event.  

A government affairs expert will give us a peek at what might lie ahead for agriculture with the new Congress.  Attorneys with expertise in immigration, the H-2A visa program, human resources and more will be available to discuss topics in great detail and answer attendees’ questions.  A tax expert will discuss the impact to agriculture of the new tax law and what it means for business. Government agency representatives from the US Departments of Labor, Citizenship and Immigration Services and State will be on hand for discussion and to answer questions.  We are also launching the NCAE Advocacy Boot Camp but please keep in mind the space in the Camp is limited. And so much more!

This is a must attend event for anyone working with agricultural labor so we encourage early registration to take advantage of our room block which is likely to quickly fill.  And, for the first time, NCAE is applying to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) so that this event will qualify for continuing education credit.

Register Now!



NCAE Press Release on Bipartisan Cuellar-Newhouse Amendment

For Immediate Release
July 27, 2018

Contact: Michael Marsh, President and CEO

NCAE Statement on Passage of Bipartisan Newhouse/Cuellar Amendment Improving H-2A Program for Non-Seasonal Agricultural Employers

WASHINGTON, DC – “The National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE) applauds the bipartisan effort of Congressmen Dan Newhouse (R-4th/WA) and Henry Cuellar (D-28th/TX) in extending the H-2A agricultural guest worker visa program to year-round employees on American farms and ranches. Their amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations bill would allow agricultural employers to utilize the H-2A visa program to hire foreign workers for non-seasonal work.”

“Historically, statutory restrictions prevented agricultural employers in year-round businesses from taking full advantage of the program. It was very problematic for dairy producers, mushroom farmers, greenhouse operators and the like to use the H-2A visa program because those agribusinesses operate 24/7, 365 days per year-there is no season.”

NCAE’s President and CEO Michael Marsh noted, “I am especially excited about the opportunity this amendment represents for my friends in these non-seasonal agribusinesses. Having worked in the dairy industry for 15 years, I understand how critically important it is for farmers and ranchers to access a legal workforce ready, able and willing to perform these tough jobs not filled by US workers. The amendment will not eliminate any existing worker protections. Employers will still hire all available US workers.”

“It is particularly timely that NCAE’s 5th Annual Ag Labor Forum in Las Vegas from November 28-30 will offer an H-2A 101 course for farmers and ranchers unfamiliar with the program. Immigration attorneys specializing in H-2A issues, H-2A agents, H-2A employers, and federal experts from the US Departments of Labor, Homeland Security and State will be sharing their expertise with attendees. These talented individuals are seasoned in assisting agricultural employers navigating the waters of this program while keeping compliance at the forefront.”

“Again, NCAE thanks Congressmen Newhouse and Cuellar for being champions for US agriculture.”


The National Council of Agricultural (NCAE) is the national trade association focusing exclusively on agricultural labor issues from the employer’s viewpoint. Established in 1964, NCAE members are farmers and ranchers involved with labor intensive agricultural production, associations and others whose business interests revolve around agricultural employer issues. NCAE advocates legislation, regulation and federal policies to keep American agricultural employers ethically and economically viable and sustainable in the global marketplace.