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4-13-2016 Walmart promised to source only cage-free eggs

This article about “cage free” egg production is important to the producers of all products (food, ornamentals, fiber, etc) whose customer is the consuming public. With Walmart announcing, the cage-free production program has probably reached the tipping-point where it must become the normal production practice over time (unless retailers reverse course for some reason.) It is an important example of the fact that retailers will eventually do what customers demand, even if those demands were driven by bad—or even ill-intended—motivators, regardless of the impact on producers, supply, cost, etc.. In the end, retailers will act first and foremost on what they perceive to be their own self-interest. This is the same issue as a $15 minimum wage, should consumers be perceived to demand their food be produced under that requirement, retailers will flock to accommodate—even if it hastens the percentage of food produced out of the US.

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