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Goodlatte’s Ag Act

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security held a hearing last Wednesday (7/19/2017) on the topic of Ag Guestworkers and received testimony from Honorable David Valadao (Congressman of the 21st Division of California), Ms. Sarah Frey (CEO of Frey Farms), Mr. Jon Wyss (Owner of Gebbers Farms), and Mr. Giev Kashkooli (Vice President of United Farm Workers). The video of the hearing and the witnesses’ testimonies can be found here.

The Agricultural Workforce Coalition also submitted testimony for the record.

As you will hear in the video, Chairman Goodlatte announced his intention to introduce the Ag Act of the 113th Congress. It is unclear if Chairman Goodlatte will introduce his bill before the August recess. We will keep the NCAE membership updated should the bill be introduced!

Update as of 11/1/2017: Goodlatte’s Ag Act (HR 4092) Passed through Committee with modifications from Committee Members. The AWC continues to express concern now that the amendments are included. The AWC will continue to advocate for our current workforce, work to include the visa length for year round workers, and oppose a cap that would simply serve as a statutory limitation on future economic growth of the US Ag industry. The AWC remains committed to working with Congressional leadership, Chairman Goodlatte and Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to ensure that any legislation reaching the House floor provides a reasonable, realistic solution to the labor challenges faced by farmers, ranchers, growers and their workers, so they can continue to feed and clothe the U.S. and the world with food and fiber produced in the U.S. NCAE, as part of the AWC, will continue to not only work with other AWC members in these efforts, but keep our membership updated if this process moves forward.

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