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FMCSA Portal Requirement for Interstate Motor Carriers and Agricultural Drone Policy

Jake Oatess, NCAE’s Summer Intern, has been working on many things for NCAE including: formulating a database of lobbyists in the DC area that work in the Agricultural Industry, writing position papers, and representing NCAE at industry meetings. Most recently, Jake did a write-up on a new requirement for all interstate motor carriers – classified as any large truck or bus that travels between two or more states to conduct business. This new requirement includes register for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new online portal. Jake was able to find some more information and write-up guidelines. For more information, find his work here: FMCSA Portal Requirement.

Another write-up Jake recently completed focused on the pros and cons of drone use in the agricultural industry.  This exciting technology is increasingly being utilized by farmers around the United States to help aerially survey crops, receive real-time updates on crop problems like pest issues, irrigation issues, and soil variation as well as highlight the differences between thriving and distressed crops.  He also touches on many of the negatives that come with drone usage in agriculture.  You can find his work covering the subject here: Agricultural Drone Use

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