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In light of Recent Executive Orders on Immigration…

Thank you to Chris Schulte (CJ Lake LLC) for preparing a few documents for NCAE Members to use as resources in case of ICE/DOL Raids/Audits this Spring.

  1. The first was an adaptation of NCAE Member Western Grower’s Resource for Employer Preparedness for when a Government Agency comes to your business. Thank you to Jason Resnick for graciously providing the idea and initial template. You can customize this document for your own use and hopefully you can use among all agencies: 2017 What-to-Do-During-an-Audit-or-Raid-Instructions 
  2. The second paper Chris presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting. It’s focus is specifically for preparation and practical compliance advice for Immigration-Related Workplace Enforcement  Chris Schulte – Update on Current Immigration-Related Enforcement

There are reports from all over the country, agriculture and urban/suburban employers, that immigrant workers are very concerned, preoccupied, and vocal about concerns for their family members who are either not yet here, or whose documentation may be lacking since the recent Executive Orders (EOs) and prospects for enhanced enforcement actions. A couple of tips for employers, we know you want to help:

  • Offer empathy but do not pry. If you come to know, or should have known, that they are concerned over their own status, you will have to take action. If you come to know an employee is not legally work authorized, you will be forced to let them go.
  • Remember that you are not an attorney (or at least most of us reading this are not) if someone needs legal advice— they need it from someone trained and qualified.
  • Offer resources: in many communities there are well known groups who have the resources and skills to help people in these situations. We cannot tell you who that might be in your community but they are often housed at interfaith councils, Catholic Charities, even the ACLU. It is worth a few phone calls ahead of time to know who these groups are in your community.
  • Thanks to NCAE Member and attorney Jamila Ahmed-Marga of Youngblood Associates, LLC in Vienna, Virginia for sharing the linked documents in English and Spanish from the National Immigration Law Center for you to have available:
    Know your rights – in Spanish
    Know your rights – in English
    ICE Raids Preparedness – in Spanish
    ICE Raids Preparedness – in English

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