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Member Levels and Guidelines


  • Membership level for leaders in the industry who are interested in being integral participants in setting and executing NCAE and national policy for agricultural employers.
  • Receive Patron benefits and appointment to the NCAE Executive Committee.
  • $15,000.00/ calendar year.


  • Appropriate participation level for national and large state/regional associations, growers and other employers with over 150 seasonal employees, labor brokers/providers, national/regional/large statewide commercial sponsors, and others with high interest and ability to offer major industry support.
  • Receive Benefactor, Supporter, and Subscriber benefits in addition to recognition on NCAE’s website.
  • $ 7,000/ calendar year.


  • Receive Subscriber/Supporter benefits plus free access to NCAE Analysis Memos which provide in-depth analysis of regulatory and legislative labor/agricultural issues currently under debate or newly enacted on Capitol Hill.
  • Appropriate Membership level for medium size growers/employers and local/partial state suppliers and sponsors.
  • $ 3,850.00/ calendar year.


  • Minimum level for state and national associations to receive Subscriber benefits.
  • H-2A agents and employers should consider this the base dues level.
  • $ 1,825/ calendar year.


  • All NCAE Member classes receive Weekly News Briefs with federal legislative and regulatory updates critical to agricultural employers.
  • Membership level for small growers/employers with less than 15-20 seasonal employees or associations with less than $250.000/yr. revenue.
  • $ 600.00/ calendar year.


  • Weekly News Briefs with federal legislative and regulatory updates critical to agricultural employers.
  • NCAE Action Calls inform members about upcoming issues, facilitate contact with elected representatives, before unworkable laws or regulations are imposed.
  • NCAE Alert Memos immediately apprise members of new laws and regulations and their impact on agricultural employers.



2018 NCAE Membership Booklet