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Legal Resources and Issues

Executive Vice President
National Council of Agricultural Employers
October, 2015

NCAE maintains a permanent retainer with the law firm CJ-Lake. We also currently share Washington, DC office space with CJ-Lake assuring a close working relationship.

Several other law firms with attorneys well experienced and skilled in Agricultural labor issues from the Employer’s standpoint are Members and/or regular participants in NCAE meetings, events, and correspondence.

NCAE meetings and events always include significant legal presentations along with opportunity for participants to meet and network with the top agricultural employer attorneys in the US.

NCAE and our Members have participated in numerous litigations and adjudications either on our own, or in alliances or coalitions with others, which have created more favorable legal or regulatory environments for ag employers. We will continue to pursue legal venues when our Membership agrees that there is need and the timing is good.

Because agricultural employers face complex legal and regulatory issues every day, NCAE’s position papers, educational materials, and other information are commonly written in close collaboration with attorneys who understand your unique challenges.

Agricultural employers should always give careful consideration to the value of seeking professional legal advice early in government audits, investigations, or other issues. In many instances brief legal advice early can be a major cost saving later.

LEGAL Issues

The author is Executive Vice President of the National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE.) NCAE is the national trade association representing Agricultural Employers in Washington, DC. NCAE advocates and addresses employer issues for all employers of both domestic and H-2 agriculture workers. NCAE is proud to count many individual growers and grower associations among our Membership. The invitation to become an individual Member of NCAE and receive our communication and information direct is extended to all agricultural employers. Visit NCAE’s website at for more information and continuing updates.