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2016 Election Results

Now that the 2016 Election results are in, we know that Donald Trump will be our President in 2017. As with all Presidential changes, a continuing hallmark of our democracy in the United States is a peaceful— and hopefully gracious transfer of power. And, we both hope and expect, a level of respect and cooperation for the President-Elect to get briefed, up to speed, and at work for the American people, all of them. This is now the time to work to build relationships and educate the transition team on the issues and needs of Agricultural Employers.

While it is still too early to be able to begin real analysis of what 2017 offers us, we know that we will be looking at a Republican administration, Republican Senate, and Republican House in 2017. This poses huge (or should we say YUUUGE) opportunities AND challenges for agricultural employers. For some of those opportunities and challenges, read Frank’s full comment’s here.

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